Your guide to building customer loyalty using the latest technology


Alliop allows businesses to utilise the latest technology to engage their customers directly to increase loyalty.

By downloading the Alliop smartphone app, customers can earn ‘stamps’ at outlets, which accumulate to unlock rewards. This insight, matched with the data supplied by customers at sign up, can be used by businesses to increase engagement and visitation. Alliop’s easy-to-use marketing tools allow businesses to send targeted and personalised SMS messages, emails and push-notifications via a comprehensive customer relationship management portal.

Alliop: All in one place.

How Alliop Works

Alliop is built on the simple premise that businesses can develop loyalty and reap the rewards of loyal customers, but rarely take advantage of the opportunity.

Customers are encouraged to tap their smartphone on the provided iBeacon, a small battery operated standlone Bluetooth-enabled transmitter, which wirelessly connects with modern smartphones. A quick tap adds points, which accumulate in order to gain rewards as set by the business.

By offering rewards in a similar way to the traditional loyalty card, customers are incentivised to continue visiting.

With each tap businesses can gain greater insight into a variety of areas including frequency of visit and how recently customers have visited. Further to this, customer details such as email address and mobile phone number allow for direct communication to develop engagement further.

The App

Simple to use, fast and utilising this latest iBeacon technology, the process provides an excellent user experience for customers:

  1. Users download the app and sign up.

  2. The app offers the option to select the business from the map of Alliop partners in the local area.

  3. Stamps are gained by tapping the iBeacon in the outlet.

  4. The customer gains rewards (set by the business) by collecting stamps.

  5. The business gains deeper insight into its loyal customer base.

Business Benefits

Acquire customer data

In a noisy digital world it is often difficult to be heard. Ideally businesses will create a direct line of communication with their customers. When signing up to use Alliop, customers input their email address, name and mobile number along with other information. This is stored in the business portal for use at any time, creating the desired direct line of communication.

Automatically build a centralised database of customers

Even businesses that have a traditional stamp-based loyalty scheme in place rarely have a way of gaining insight about customer loyalty. Simply capturing basic contact information is often overlooked. Alliop removes the need to consider additional and often complex systems by offering an easily accessible database at its core from day one.

Communicate with customers directly using high-engagement marketing tools

In order to make the most of the data gathered from customers, Alliop has been built with marketing tools fully integrated into the business portal. Alternatively, make the most of your current marketing tools by linking Alliop directly. Send an email, fire off SMS messages or pop-up on customer’s phones using push notifications. Dig deeper and create specific messages based on loyalty and location, for example, and offer exclusive rewards on customers’ birthdays.

Lengthen the lifetime value of customers

Acquiring new customers can cost up to three times as much as retaining current customers who will return and utilise additional goods and services. Add value for an existing audience who already love what you offer – everyone benefits.

The Business Portal

All Alliop partner businesses gain access to a browser-based business portal, which is the hub for all data and communication tools. With every customer interaction on the Alliop app, the business portal becomes a richer resource of data to utilise. Easily analyse the loyalty of customers and engage (or re-engage) segments based on their habits. Email, SMS and push notifications allow for direct communication with anyone who has signed up.


Tor Amran, director at the Cornish Food Box Company and one of the first to start using Alliop in the company's shop and café, said: "Previously we had two paper stamp cards for coffee and pasties, but we had no idea how many cards were in circulation, how many stamps people had or how frequently they were visiting. With Alliop we now have access to this information at the push of a button and we can contact customers directly with bespoke messages

Chris Houghton, director of Illustrated Living, said: "Alliop opens up many opportunities to reward our customers and gain valuable insights into purchasing patterns - ultimately giving customers a great experience when they shop with us. As a small business, customer satisfaction is key, so we're thrilled to have an easy-to-use rewards system to celebrate loyalty."

Alliop support – helping you make the most of untapped customer loyalty

All businesses utilising Alliop receive the support of a dedicated business development manager. At Alliop’s core is a desire for businesses to recognise the opportunity of building loyalty to increase revenue. With a team of specialists at hand to help with training and marketing, you can use Alliop to its full potential.


Customers can expect to use a fast and reliable app every time they open Alliop on their smartphone. Removing all unnecessary steps allows for the user to tap, gain their points and close the app in under 10 seconds. For the customer this means that the app is unobtrusive, for the business it means no extra time is added to the transaction while gaining that all-important data. With user experience leading the entire Alliop process, businesses can be assured that Alliop will enhance interactions, add value and keep customers returning.

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